Refurbishment 2007.

St Joseph's, Shirebrook

After many years with very little change to St Joseph’s, 2007 saw a major refurbishment and erection of a brand new entrance hall and much needed meeting room. The church was closed while the work was done and Mass was celebrated in our school until it’s completion.

The refurbishment was completed in December 2007 just in time for the Fourth Sunday of Advent.
It was a lovely occasion and some parishioners were very emotional when they saw their “new” parish church for the first time. Their comments covered a whole range of adjectives: stunning, magnificent, beautiful, “never thought St. Joseph’s could look so beautiful” and of course “wow!”

Almost everyone was delighted with the beautiful colour scheme designed to reflect the Edwardian era in which St Joseph’s was built. Local man, Arnie Frith, painted the tops of the pillars with their displays of vines and acorns, the oak leaf pattern being picked up also in the glass of the new windows. 83 year old Mrs. Irena Kossowski kindly made all the crochet trimmings for the altar, the credence table, the offertory table and the long shelf which holds the ‘big six’candles.

The two final touches were completed in time for our Celebration Centenary Mass on Friday, 1st February 2008. The first being the stencilling of a cruciform frame around each Station of the Cross and finally a crucifix was erected above the sanctuary. The crucifix is made of Linden wood and was carved in Italy. It was kindly donated by Mrs. Margaret Glynn in memory of her late husband Dr. John Glynn.

Everyone was certainly glad to be back in “God’s house”.

Photographs of the work, and some of the church when it was built, can be seen on our “Galleries” section.

St Joseph’s, Shirebrook also serves the Bolsover at, St Bernadette’s , High Street, Bolsover
and the Warsop, at St Teresa’s, Church Street, Warsop.