Parish Cell Groups are a most exciting pastoral initiative, which is changing lives and influencing parishes around the world.

People are finding a new relationship with Jesus Christ, in a community of people, where they know they belong, and a facility to speak words of faith with family members, and work and leisure colleagues.

At a time when many people are uncertain as to what they believe, and when they do believe, they are unsure of how they might explain it to others, cell groups offer a new beginning and a way forward for many people.

What is a CELL?
It is a group of people who meet (at various times) in a person’s home.

What happens at a CELL Meeting?
The group prays, shares Scripture, listens to a teachings, learn how to share faith, pray for intentions of others and socialises.

Who gives the teaching?Gathering Teachings are given in audio recordings by the parish priest (who does not attend the meeting)

How Long do CELL meetings last?
Normally meetings last approximately 90 minutes, the socialising follows on at the end of the meeting.

May I visit a CELL meeting to see for myself?
Certainly. Everyone is welcome to come and see.

I have been away from the church for a long time, may I join a CELL?
You will be most welcome at any CELL meeting.